Cast Lists


Robert: David Emery

Catherine: Emma K. Shibley

Claire: Katie Guirnalda

Hal: Josh Schmellenkamp


Cast meeting and read through to be held on October 31st at 3:15 in the PAC Atrium.

Please let Carly, Justin M, Erica, or Justin C know ASAP if you cannot attend!

A little ditty from the director:

Amazing work by each and every single person who came out to audition today. Carly, Erica, and I were shocked by some of the amazing performances that we saw. "If there had been any more talent here I might have exploded" - a direct quote from myself during final casting. As a result of the great work we saw, casting was extremely difficult. If you weren't cast just remember to keep auditioning and looking for more opportunities to learn and grow as an actor. I am so proud to be able to say that every person who auditioned could have done a fantastic job in this show, and that fact just made my job of casting that much harder. I love each and every one of you.

-Justin K. Mathews