AUDITIONS: West Side Story

Starting December 31, 2014 - Ending January 31, 2015

Auditions for West Side Story are coming up soon. Any CHS student is allowed to audition.

Find out more about auditions.

Southwest Area Conference Registration due 12/8/14

Starting November 20, 2014 - Ending December 20, 2015

Registration for the Southwest Area Conference is due on December 8, 2014.

Find out more about this conference and the state conference here.

Get registration forms here.

Needed: Help with Set Strike (11/23/14)

Starting November 20, 2014 - Ending December 20, 2015

Sunday, November 23rd…..A day that Theatre Parents wait for all year! Why? It’s one of those Golden Opportunities where parents can actually spend some quality time working side by side with their children in the Theater! TIME TO STRIKE THE LITTLE SHOP SET!!

Parents are requested to help starting at 10am on Sunday. No experience is necessary and we will take any and all hours you are able to help. If your hands can hold a broom, we need you. If your hands can’t hold a broom but know how to hold a dust pan, we need you. Do you have an advanced degree in Cordless Drill Operation? You’re hired! Are you a neat freak (like our own Mrs. Arber)? We need you. If none of those describe you….do you have a pulse? We need you. The set needs to be struck, curtains re-hung, strike lighting, and clean up dressing rooms, props, and stage areas.

We are hoping to be done no later than 1:00 depending on the amount of people we get to help. Mr. C has a request into the NFL to postpone all televised games until we are done, but hasn't heard back from them yet.

No need to RSVP but if you have questions, feel free to contact Mr. C,

Student Produced Show has been cast

Starting October 25, 2014 - Ending November 25, 2015

The show Proof has been cast! See details.

Auditions for Student Produced Show

Starting October 21, 2014 - Ending October 22, 2015

This year's student produced show will be Proof by David Auburn.

Performance Dates: January 16, 2015
  January 17, 2015
Audition Date: Friday, October 24, 2014
Signup: On the call-board outside the PAC office
Forms: Please bring a completed form to auditions

All are welcome and encouraged to audition for this entirely student-run production.