Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for high school parents to support the CHS Theatre department. These areas are listed below, along with a contact person.

To sign up electronically, please click here to submit a form. Or, you may click on a name under each area to send an email to that chairperson.


  Wayne Kledzik Adult ushers are needed for the shows that Centerville High School puts on, as well as for some outside performances which are held at Centerville during the year.  


  Wayne Kledzik Coordinates the sale of concessions at CHS mainstage performances.

Flower Sales

  Lori Embry This group provides flowers to be sold at the door so that people can send them to the crew and performers prior to each show. This is a fund raiser for the theatre group.

Office Work

  Not Filled Help is needed in the theatre office for about 1 hour per week to answer phone calls, return phone calls to interested theatre goers and make copies for the theatre staff. Additional office help is needed for 1-2 hours per day during the week prior to performances.

Cast & Crew Meals

  Amy Basner This group provides food for the cast and crew during the year. Volunteers agree to bring in food and drinks for the kids during rehearsals and other events.

Xtreme Theatre

  Amy Basner This group needs adult chaperones and donations of food and drinks for the 24 hour production put on by the kids called Xtreme Theatre.

Theatre Banquet

  Not Filled This group assists with the logistics, such as picking up food, for the banquet at year end.


  Jan Kledzik Coordinates the publicity for each show and the theatre program, in general.

Communications & Website

  Ann Meyer This group is responsible for keeping parent and community members informed about current theatre events via an electronic newsletter and this website.

Programs, Program Ads

  Ann Meyer Responsible for creating programs for each show. Please email if you have any questions about advertising or parent Bravo Ads.